Hot Ink Slot Game

Just about every other aspect of life is captured up in online slot machine game format these days, so why tattooing? The biggest name in slot machine creation and design, Microgaming, includes the tattoo-themed Hot Ink among its massive casino games catalogue – and the massive 100,000-coin jackpot has kept this slot popular since its launch.


What are the basics of Hot Ink?

Hot Ink is a 5-reel, 4-row slots game; in the new tradition of the 5x4 slot, Hot Ink is touted as a “1,024 Ways” game. In theory, this means 1,024 paylines are in play, but a well easier way to think of this scheme is that a minimum of three like symbols in reels 1, 2 and 3 equals a payout. Naturally, those payouts increase should four five like symbols appear in adjacent reels.

What are the symbols in the Holt Ink slots game?

The symbols in Hot Ink combine the look of flash art with typical lucky symbols, with some actually interesting results. These low-paying symbols include flaming dice; a winged devil’s heart; three cherries on stem, but with 8-balls replacing the fruit; a combo horseshoe/lucky clover and a silver star. A pair of colorful carp comprise a yin/ying symbol as well – but this ain’t no low-paying symbol, instead awarding at least 20 free spins.

Also appearing on the reels – and when matching, higher-paying – are comely blonde and black-haired lasses (so call ’em Betty and Veronica), the tattoo artist at work, the game logo and a sign reading simply TATTOO BONUS.

hot ink slot gameHow do you play Hot Ink?

After depositing at a quality online casino, you’ll choice an amount to play for; as a “1,024 Ways” slots game, Hot Ink can be played for fixed amounts running from 50₵ to $500.

The autoplay feature does exist in Hot Ink, but only allows options for five and 10 automatic spins., so usually you’ll be hitting SPIN on every turn manually. However, you’ll probably want to anyway. The key special feature in Hot Ink is the “Respin Option.” After any spin which results in no payout whatsoever, the player may pay to re-spin one reel; the (often somewhat surprisingly high price) to re-spin a given losing reel is indicated at the bottom of the reel.

Typically, the higher potential payout in re-spinning a reel determines the cost. If the player has the chance to earn a sizeable payout, one can figure the cost of a re-spin to be about 3x the total wager. Spins which have literally no chance to provide a win may be re-spun for just one coin. This may sound useless, but re-spinning a dud reel for 1₵ may set up wins on a subsequent re-spin.

How can the 100,000-coin jackpot be hit?

Landing three of the TATTOO BONUS symbols anywhere on the screen on a single spin launches a video bonus round in which the player tries his/her hand at putting three tats on a bikini-clad babe. Click on each flash album – they’re helpfully labelled ARM, LEG and BACK – and the book opens to design. Buzz goes the tattoo gun, and the happy customer pays in coinage.

It’s all luck, but if the customer requests three tattoos of the same style (which she probably really should), a 10x bonus is slapped onto the coinage won, for a potential jackpot payout of 10x 10,000 coins. Nice.