A Celebration of Tattooing Past, Present and Future

A Special Thursday Night Reception for the exhibiting tattoo artists and guests will be held at the City Museum starting at 7 PM.
This will also be the opening reception for the Old School Tattoo Exhibit at the Museum and will also introduce
special guest and tattoo icon, Bev 'Cindy Ray' Robinson of Melbourne Australia.
Thursday Night's Gala will include an Induction Ceremony of two tattoo dignitaries, Gus Wagner and Cindy Ray,
into the Lyle Tuttle Tattoo Art Museum's Tattoo Hall of Fame. They will be the 22nd and 23rd members to be inducted into this prestigest institution.
This event is a special party for booth holders, VIP's, invited guests and MEDIA. Those with a 3 day pass to the Tattoo Expo are also welcome.

Tickets for Thursday Night's Gala will be available at the door, the night of the event for $15.00 per person.
Advance tickets are only available at the Holiday Inn Select (listed below) on Thursday only.
Food and beer is included and a cash bar will be available.


 GUS WAGNER - Tattoo artist and world traveler.
Gus came to St. Louis to tattoo at the 1904 World's Fair. While working the show, he met his future wife, Maud Stevens, who was a high wire artist at the Fair. She soon became his favorite canvas and by 1907 she was completely covered with his finest work.
They traveled the world together with her as the Tattooed Lady and him the tattooed man.

Gus will be inducted into the Tattoo Art Museum's Tattoo Hall of Fame Thursday Night at the St. Louis Old School Tattoo Expo. Photographs of Gus and Maud as well as their priceless circus banners will be on display at the City Museum.

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Special Guest, Australian Tattoo Artist,
BEV "CINDY RAY" ROBINSON will be making her first trip to the US since 1976. Bev is best known for her contribution to the tattoo world in the 1960's. She was young, attractive and tattooed. She was well known in Australia and throughout the world, She tattooed, had her own tattoo supply business and wrote three books about tattooing and her life. She still tattoos near Melbourne, Australia.

Bev will also be inducted into the Tattoo Art Museum's Tattoo Hall of Fame at Old School Tattoo Expo. More Photos